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Dissemination Activities

Dissemination activities in CASPER include the development of dissemination material (newsletters, video clips, etc.), the creation of a website, the participation in conferences and workshops, the publication of scientific papers in journals and conferences, the participation in standardization activities, the organization of workshops and dissemination days, the distribution of multimedia material, the interaction with broader communities and initiatives, and various outreach activities.

Workshop organization

CASPER is going to organize a Workshop on "User-centric service provisioning over 5G networks" within WoWMoM 2018. The webpage of the event is available here.
CASPER organized a Workshop on "User-Centric Communications and Content Delivery" within IEEE CAMAD 2017. The CFP for this event is available here.

List of Publications

Journal papers

D. Tsolkas, E. Liotou, N. Passas and L. Merakos, “A Survey on Parametric QoE Estimation for Popular Services”, Elsevier Journal of Network and Computer Applications, vol. 77, Jan. 2017

Conference papers

E. Liotou, R. Schatz, A. Sackl, P. Casas, D. Tsolkas, N. Passas, and L. Merakos, “The Beauty of Consistency in Radio-Scheduling Decisions”, in IEEE International Workshop on Quality of Experience for Multimedia Communications (IEEE GLOBECOM - QoEMC), Washington, DC USA, Dec. 2016

All CASPER publications are also collected here.

Public events

To convey the QoE concept to a wider and non-expert audience, UOA gave a presentation in a public event organised by CityLab, an institution that is specialised in explaining the creativity and educational perspective of robotics to kids (ages 5+), challenging their interest on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) areas. The event took place on Sunday 27 November 2016, with a wide participation of students and their parents.

UOA participated in the Marie Curie Researchers' Night on 30 September 2016, where CASPER's concept was presented in a historical building of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in the centre of Athens. On the same day, WEST has participated in the public event "Pop-Up Shops", organized jointly with researchers of the University of L'Aquila and local companies as part of the parallel Researchers' Night event in L'Aquila.

UNIVAQ and WEST have organized a public talk on 15 December 2016 at the Center of Excellence DEWS in UNIVAQ premises, L'Aquila. The purpose of this event has been to present the key concept of CASPER project to students and researchers as well as the general public with an interest in this field.

IQUADRAT has organized a public event with the topic "Research Seminars about Opportunities and Challenges for 5G Cellular Networks". This event took place in the Open University of Catalunya (UOC), Barcelona, on 18 November 2016.


Newsletter Issue 1 - August 2016

Newsletter Issue 2 - December 2016

Newsletter Issue 3 - April 2017


Private Area - Project wiki

The project wiki is available here.

Social Media

The CASPER LinkedIn group can be found here.

The CASPER twitter account is @casper_project.

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