GAIN (Green, Adaptive, and Intelligent Networking) is a research group inside the Communication Networks Laboratory (CNL) of the University of Athens, focusing on adaptive networks exploiting intelligent mechanisms towards a more energy-efficient, environment-friendly operation.

With the current tendencies in developing and deploying new network systems and under continuous changes of system and user requirements, adaptability has become a key target in modern networking. This target asks for intelligent mechanisms to monitor, predict, and usually pro-act, to adjust system parameters and optimize operation. These are often accompanied by cross-layer techniques that violate the traditional layered-based protocol stack to coordinate different layers and provide for the required flexibility. Finally, energy efficiency has become a major objective nowadays, leading to what is referred to as green networking research, that can be better supported through adaptive techniques and intelligent solutions.

With this in mind, GAIN members focus on research that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Adaptive network architectures and systems
  • Cross-layer techniques
  • Energy efficiency and energy saving
  • Energy-efficient mobility
  • Flexible resource allocation
  • Cognitive networks
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Intelligent security
  • Smart grid technologies
  • Quality of Experience support
  • Interference management
  • Device-to-device communications