Sensor Networks: Algorithm Design, Protocol Design and Performance Study (PENED)

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€ 218,700


The aim of the project was located in the area of sensor networks and more specifically on the study of issues related to the lower layers of the protocol stack, namely the Physical layer, Medium Access Control (MAC) layer, and the Network layer, which have a direct interaction between them. Particular emphasis was given on the information exchange and cooperation between the layers in order to achieve optimum performance.

The specific objectives of the project were the following:

  1. Design and development of source localization and tracking algorithms at the Physical layer for the detection and monitoring of targets that move within the boundaries of a sensor network.
  2. Study of the performance of techniques based on cooperative methods for transmitting and receiving information on the Physical layer.
  3. Design of a Medium Access Control protocol for sensor networks, for the performance optimization of existing solutions in terms of traffic requirements satisfaction and the use of the available channels.
  4. Design of a routing mechanism for sensor networks, characterized by robustness and optimum performance under a wide range of possible conditions.