Always Best Connected in Heterogeneous Mobile Communication Networks (PYTHAGORAS - EPEAEK II)

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€ 85,000


The purpose of the project was to study the "Always Best Connected" problem, and propose and evaluate specific solutions. The term is used to describe the ability of network services to support a wide range of user applications in a manner independent of both the user access network and moving pattern. The project began by analyzing user requirements and specifications of the resulting network services. Then, the two main research areas of the Always Best Connected problem, namely the end-to-end quality of service support and the mobility between heterogeneous networks (eg., UMTS - Wireless LAN) were studied. Regarding the quality of service, particular attention was paid on the radio transmission path, while mobility examined the weaknesses and limitations of existing approaches and proposed new improved solutions related to mobility support between heterogeneous networks. The final phase of the project concerned the integration of individual solutions into a broader architecture.