Cross-Layer Design for the Quality of Service improvement in heterogeneous networks (HRAKLEITOS II)

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€ 45,000


The aim of this project is to develop a resource allocation mechanism for Quality of Service (QoS) provision in heterogeneous mobile communication networks with the use of Cross-Layer Design principles. The mechanism will utilize information from all the layers of the traditional protocol stack in order to allocate the available resources in a way adapted to the system conditions and the end-user requirements. Additionally, the use of the Media Independent Handover Function of the IEEE 802.21 Standard will allow the exchange of information between the different networks of an heterogeneous environment, in order to take handover decisions in cases of unfavorable system conditions in terms of low channel quality, or increased congestion. The final aim of the cross-layer mechanism is the efficient resource allocation in a way that, given wireless medium conditions, situations of resource waste are avoided and the end-user requirements are satisfied in the maximum possible degree.