Advanced system for dynamic information and guidance services to public transport passengers (Groups of SMEs)

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2 years, started on January 2011


€ 301,516


The aim of the project is the design, implementation and demonstration of a novel mobile communications service for the optimization of the transportations in the city with the use of means of public transport. With the aid of a user-friendly interface, users will be able to submit from their mobile terminal requests concerning their required transportation (destination, preferences, etc). Then, a smart search will be performed and, with the use of real-time information of the user location and the status of the means of public transport, a novel algorithm for Dynamic Route Selection will provide a list of suggested routes. The constant monitoring of the passengers’ and means of public transport condition allows the passenger to be informed and dynamically select alternative routes during his transition to the destination, especially in situations of incorrect estimation/prediction of the arrival time, malfunction of the route or the means of public transport or unscheduled events (e.g., an accident or congestion in a route) that were unlikely to predict during the initial state of the optimal route selection.
In the project, research will be conducted on the most recent World Wide Web technologies (Web 2.0), which will be extended in order to achieve the project’s goals. These technologies are going to be combined in a uniform platform for the optimization of transportations with the use of means of public transport. This platform will have advanced capabilities and will be more effective compared to similar today’s services. In this project, a flexible application will be designed, that will support the insertion of user requests using menus, free text, or even natural language. The semantic representation of both the user requests and the information regarding the means of public transport will allow for the efficient searching and matching. The semantic representation will be performed with the use of the Web Ontology Language (OWL), which is used for the publishing and sharing ontologies on the World Wide Web. The platform will be designed with user privacy in mind and will not require that the participating users provide any personal information, or expose their personal identity, profile and preferences in order to be served by the system.

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