SMART-NRG: Design and implementation of an efficient, reliable and secure smart energy network

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European Commission Seven Framework Programme (FP7) - Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways




€ 2,644,518.80

Short Description

Smart energy networks (SENs) are electric systems that use two-way networking technologies, cyber-secure communications technologies, and computational intelligence and control in an integrated fashion to efficiently manage energy consumption with the aim of providing a new electricity grid that is clean, safe, secure, reliable, resilient, efficient, and environmentally sustainable. SENs can be well regarded as a system of many systems, whose design challenges, requirements, and expectations can only be achieved through a holistic analysis, design, and optimization of all its components. In SMART-NRG, we will go beyond state-of-the-art approaches for SENs by introducing an innovative and integrated protocol stack, which will be made of three interlinked and optimized sub-systems: i) reliable communications and networking; ii) smart energy management; and iii) security and protection, which are one-to-one connected to the three key functionalities of SENs. The sub-systems will be studied, optimized, and integrated in a very efficient protocol stack, which will be tested via system level simulations and hardware testbeds, and, eventually, will be integrated into commercial devices.

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