ANWIRE - Academic Network for Wireless Internet Research in Europe

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Projects - International Projects


European Commission Fifth Framework Programme (FP5)




€ 1,260.000

Short Description

ANWIRE was a thematic network established mainly by academic institutions from various EU countries acting in two main overlapping research tracks: i) Wireless Internet and ii) Reconfigurability. ANWIRE aimed at i) organising and coordinating parallel actions in key research areas of Wireless Internet and Reconfigurability, in order to encompass research activities towards the design of a fully integrated system; and ii) promoting and disseminating Wireless Internet and Reconfigurability solutions, in order to make them available to the research and industrial community. Wireless Internet aimed at changing the way wireless communication networks work, in order to offer new advanced services to the users in the most efficient way. Reconfigurability, on the other hand, has been heralded as potentially offering a pragmatic solution to systems integration and flexible service provision to mobile users. The coordination activities encompassed common efforts and tasks for covering open issues identified in the various specialised areas, relevant to the provision of a coherent integrated framework in next generation systems. The work was organised in Task Forces, each one of which focused on a specific thematic area. The selected thematic areas were identified as key enablers for the provision of integrated solutions, based on state-of-the-art and recent projects results. Task forces had an internal structure with a clear objective, workplan, regular meetings and deliverables, and were staffed by experts from the members of the thematic network and invited participants. Operation of task forces relied mostly on partners’ resources, while the requested EU contribution referred exclusively to coordinating them.