Cognition Enhanced Radio Teams (Greece-USA)

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€ 65,000

Short Description

Cognitive Radios have provided a prolific area of research in telecommunications since the introduction of the “cognitive radio” concept in 1999 from Joseph Mitola. Cognitive communication systems have been evolving from independent, mode oriented nodes to distributed systems with a multitude of reconfigurable parameters operating in coordination. The term has been broadened beyond frequency agility to include adaptation throughout the OSI stack and cross-layer optimization. The next generation cognitive radio systems are expected to have significantly greater degrees of freedom. Enabling a large number of such nodes to operate in ad-hoc coordination poses challenging design and operation problems. To ensure a leap forward towards this goal, new wireless protocols, system design and operation, and distributed trust methodologies are needed. In the CERTs (Cognition Enhanced Radio Teams) project, a revolutionary vision was presented where we considered a global systems-level solution for ad-hoc coordinated cognitive radios. CERTs advanced rigorous foundations for the end-to-end operational optimized performance of general multi-node “virtual” distributed radio systems using a combination of several technologies.