Wireless Internet Networks (WINE)

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Projects - International Projects


European Commission Fifth Framework Programme (FP5)




€ 4,810,000

Short Description

The Internet services with wireless connectivity was the revolution extending current trend for cellular telephony. In the WINE we studied the necessary technologies to build fully IP-based optimized wireless Internet connections with QoS awareness. We believed that true wireless Internet system should be optimized without underlying wireless ATM and as far as possible independent from radiolinks. Host mobility and wireless access were two emerging design considerations that posed challenging problems at all layers of the networking protocols stack. The WINE project investigated their impact on the design of true wireless TCP/IP network on link, network and transport layers. The unique goal of the Wine was to study all the necessary issues in the protocol layers to find globally optimized end-to-end delivery solution. Our approach was unique including three complementary approaches. Starting from theoretical issues for Wireless IP networks, we conducted simulations and large scale case studies over research networks to verify and extend theoretical basis. Third, implemented our results into three different communication platforms. To facilitate independence of wireless media we built wireless IP adaptation layer that was configurable allowing optimization for different platforms. Our official testbeds, which have very different properties, were Bluetooth (or DECT), HiperLAN-2 and IEEE802.11.