Book Chapters

Energy Efficient Mobility Management for the Macrocell – Femtocell LTE Network

Authors: D. Xenakis, N.Passas, A. Radwan, J. Rodriguez, and C. Verikoukis

Book: Energy Efficiency - The Innovative Ways for Smart Energy, the Future Towards Modern Utilities

ISBN: 979-953-307-780-1

Publisher: InTech Publishers
Issue Date: October 2012


Next generation cognitive cellular networks, LTE, WiMAX and wireless broadband access

Authors: D. Tsolkas, D. Xenakis, N. Passas and L. Merakos

Book: Cognitive Radio and its Application for Next Generation Cellular and Wireless Networks

ISBN: 978-94-007-1826-5 (print), 978-94-007-1827-2 (online)

Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Issue Date: April 2012


Medium Access Control Layer

Authors: D. Tsolkas, D. Xenakis, D. Triantafyllopoulou, and N. Passas
Book: Advances on Processing for Multiple Carrier Schemes: OFDM & OFDMA
Publisher: Nova Publishers
Issue Date: to appear


Mobility Management for WLANs

Authors: D. Triantafyllopoulou, G. Lampropoulos, N. Passas
Book: Cross Layer Designs in WLAN Systems
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
Issue Date: April 2011


Cross-Layer Design for Cooperative Wireless Communication

Authors: D. Triantafyllopoulou, N. Passas, A. Kaloxylos
Book: Cooperative Wireless Communications
Publisher: Auerbach Publications, Taylor & Francis Group
Issue Date: March 2009