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The SMART-NRG approach

The project is organized into 7 Work Packages (WPs). WP1 and WP7 are concerned with management and dissemination respectively, and are active for the whole duration of the project. WP2-WP6 are 5 technical WPs as described below.

WP1: Project Management
WP1 is enganged with the management and the monitorization of the overall performance of the project.

WP2: Definition of Smart Energy Scenarios/Requirements and System Architecture
WP2 is concerned with the definition of all relative scenarios, requirements and the overall system architecture.

WP3: Design and Evaluation of Smart Energy Algorithms
WP3 with the design, analysis, and evaluation of new smart energy algorithms.

WP4: Reliable and Secure Communication Protocols
WP4 with the design of reliable and secure communication protocols for SENs.

WP5: Building Block Development and Validation
WP5 with the implementation and validation of algorithms/protocols in the testbed.

WP6: System Integration with Proof-of-Concept in a Smart Metering Environment
WP6 with the final integration and proof-of-concept in a trial smart metering environment.

WP7: Dissemination, Standardization, and Exploitation
The objective of WP7 is to provide a framework for disseminating the achievements of the project as well as exploting the key results of the project.