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A European Training Network for Beyond 2020 Mobile Data Networks

To handle the unprecedented demand for mobile data traffic, different vendors, operators and research programmes have aimed to develop radio access technologies (RATs) that boost physical-layer link capacity, utilize millimeter wave radio, or further densify network topology. Notable steps have also been made towards shifting baseband processing from the (currently) ultra dense network edge to a central location where coordinated resource management will be performed. Nonetheless, the today’s mobile network ecosystem includes vastly heterogeneous, evidently overlapping (in coverage) and fully isolated (in operation) attachment points that still handle most of the functions necessary for mobile data communications independently. Aiming to meet and surpass the requirements set for the 5G and Beyond mobile data network, in SPOTLIGHT we will create a fully-integrated and multi-disciplinary network of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) that will analyze, design, and optimize the performance of a disruptive new mobile network architecture: the SPOTLIGHT architecture.

This architecture promises to break performance limitations present to the currently loosely inter-connected, resource-fragmented and isolated in operation mobile network ecosystem, by transforming the currently loosely-coupled multitude of heterogeneous and multi-layered RATs to a flat coalition of massively distributed antenna sub-systems that are optimally orchestrated by a cloud-empowered network core. Our primary aim will be to support for the first time self-including yet ultra-reliable radio communications at the edge network. To further reduce response time and enhance network resilience, all functions necessary for mobile communications will be subject of i) massive parallelization in cloud platforms at the network core and ii) big data analysis running on-top of a virtual pool of shared energy, radio, computing and storage resources at the network.


22/12/2019: The sixth SPOTLIGHT e-newsletter is available here.

14-17/10/2019: The 6th SPOTLIGHT meeting was held at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. As apart of the agenda there were seminars on the Internet of Things (IoT) / Machine-Type Communications (MTC) and courses on EC funding and project management.

18/08/2019: The fifth SPOTLIGHT e-newsletter is available here.

20-24/05/2019: ESRs Placido Murzia, Behnam Ojaghi Kahjogh, and Bin Xiang presented their work at ICC 2019, Shanghai, China. The ESR Placio Murzia received the best paper award for his work "D2D-Aided Multi-Antenna Multicasting". Many congratulations!!!!

14/06/2019: The 5th SPOTLIGHT meeting was held at Ericsson, Stockholm, Sweden. As a part of agenda, Seminar on "SDN and multi-tenancy in mobile networks" and complementary course on "Standardization and patentability" are organized by Ericsson.

09/12/2018: SPOTLIGHT deliverable 2.2 is successfully delivered.

10/04/2019: The fourth SPOTLIGHT e-newsletter is available here.

01/03/2019: ESRs Tadege M. Ayenew and Subin Narayanan gave a poster presentation on the eve of UOA open day.

25-28/02/2019: ESR Yiannis Sarrigiannis attended the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, February 25-28, 2019.

22/02/2019: ESRs ESR Armin Okic and Bin Xiang gave presentation during the 5G Seminar conducted at Politecnico di Milano. Armin Okic's presentation was on 'How to analyze and take advantage of network usage data through machine learning' and Bin Xiang presentation was on 'Network optimization and mathematics'.

18/12/2018: The third SPOTLIGHT e-newsletter is available here.

09-12/12/2018: ESRs Placido Murzia, Sumaila Mahama, Shammi F. Islam attended the IEEE GLOBECOM conference, held at Abu Dhabi.

09/12/2018: SPOTLIGHT deliverable 4.1 is successfully delivered.

15/12/2018: SPOTLIGHT deliverable 3.2 is successfully delivered.

04-06/12/2018: ESR Armin Okic attended 5G PhD International School, at the National Research Council (CNR) of Italy.

23/11/2018: ESR Armin Okic attended attended the 4th MST-2018 Workshop on Mobile System Technologies at his host institute PDM.

13-15/11/2018: ESR Ioannis Sarrigiannis made a demonstration of the Iquadrat’s 5G testbed for smart cities, at the the world’s leading event for cities calledSmart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona.

20/10/2018: ESRs Yiannis Sarrigiannis, Santiago Sánchez Correa, and Behnam Pa?a delivered a public talk on their work at IoT Solutions World Congress,Barcelona, October 16-18, 2018

01/10/2018: ESR Tadege M. Ayenew participated in Eurpean reseacher's night held at Athens, 28th of September,2018.

24/09/2018: ESR Placido Murzia attended two talks on ‘Joint state sensing and communication’ and ‘Storage,computation and communication’ at Eurecom.

22/09/2018: SPOTLIGHT organized a special session on Communications and Information Processing in 5G and Beyond Data Networks at the - IEEE CAMAD 2018, September 17-19, 2018, Barcelona. SPOTLIGHT contributed to the session by presenting 5 reviewed and 10 special session papers. Many congratulations to SPOTLIGHT ESR Umberto Fattore for receiving the best paper award at IEEE CAMAD.

22/09/2018: The Mid-Term Review of the SPOTLIGHT project was held on 21/09/2018 in Barcelona.

18/08/2018: The second SPOTLIGHT e-newsletter is available here.

09-12/12/2018: ESR Pedro Batista attended the ETSI zero-touch network and Service Management (ZSM) Industry specification Group (ISG) interim meeting, from at Stockholm.

09-20/07/2018: The ESR Michalis attended a course organized by Huawei Cyprus, on "The Huawei Latest Technology and 5G Introduction Training" at MTN Cyprus from 9th-20th July, 2018.

09/07/2018: ESRs Subin and Tadege attended a presentation by Prof. Jae Hong LEE, at Athens University. The guest delivered a speech on "Cognitive Radio for Wireless Communications: Concepts and Applications", based on the research results in his laboratory, at Seoul National University of Korea.

02/07/2018: SPOTLIGHT deliverable 3.1 is successfully delivered.

27/06/2018: SPOTLIGHT deliverable 2.1 is successfully delivered.

27/06/2018: SPOTLIGHT deliverable 1.1 is successfully delivered.

07/06/2018: ESR Armin participated in a Science Unveiling Programme where he made public talk and presented his current work on the specific application of machine learning.

07/06/2018: ESR Placido attended a talk by Wing-Kin (Ken)Ma "MIMO transceiver design and optimization: beyond beamforming and perfect channel estimation".

03-06/06/2018: ESRs Shammi and Sumaila attended the IEEE 87th VTC2018-Spring, in Porto, Portugal. It is a semi-annual flagship conference on Vehicular Technology, where Mr. Sumaila was co-author of a paper from his previous work.

29/05/2018: ESR Placido On 29th May, 2018, Mr. Placido attended a talk by Zdenek Becvar about "Flying base stations in future mobile networks" at his hosting company EURECOM.

27/05/2018: A special session on Communications and Information Processing in 5G and Beyond Data Networks will be organized by SPOTLIGHT in The International Workshop on Computer-Aided Modeling Analysis and Design of Communication Links and Networks - IEEE CAMAD 2018

23/05/2018: ESRs Shammi and Sumaila attended the IET Colloquium on Antennas, Wireless and Electromagnetics, at Engineers House, Bristol.

14/05/2018: ESRs Shammi and Sumaila attended IEEE 5G Summit held at Glasgow, Scotland.

05/05/2018: ESr Armin has attended a CommTech Talk on "Marine Automation 4.0".

03/05/2018: The third SPOTLIGHT project meeting will be hosted by Eurecom, France, from July 2-6, 2018. Seminars on 'Theoretical and Simulation tools for the analysis of mobile networks ', and 'PHY techniques, waveform design, and spectral efficiency enhancements' will be given during the project meeting.

30/04/2018: The first SPOTLIGHT e-newsletter is available here.

01/03/2018: Mr. Placido Murzia, Mr. Benham Ojaghi Kahojogh, Mr. Umberto Fattore, and Mr. Pedro Batista are recruited as Early Stage Researcher in the SPOTLIGHT, in February 2018. Congratulations and welcome to the SPOTLIGHT family.

06/02/2018: Mr. Sumaila Mahama, Ms. Shammi Farhana Islam, Mr. Santiago Sanchez Correa, and Mr. Subin Narayanan are recruited as Early Stage Researcher in the SPOTLIGHT, in January 2018. Congratulations and welcome to the SPOTLIGHT family.

08/01/2018: The second SPOTLIGHT project meeting will take place at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, from March 5-9, 2018. Courses on 'Scientific writing and communication skills', and seminars on '5G networks and beyond' will be given during the meeting.

12/12/2017: Mr. Michalis Eliodorou, Mr. Armin Okic, Mr. Bin Xiang, Mr.Ioannis Sarrigiannis, and Mr. Tadege Mihretu Ayenew are recruited as Early Stage Researcher in the SPOTLIGHT, from September 2017 - November 2017. Congratulations and welcome to the SPOTLIGHT family.

13/02/2017: The SPOTLIGHT kickoff meeting will take place in the premises of MTN Cyprus Ltd (Nicosia-Cyprus) in April 4, 2017.

03/02/2017: The application form for all the ESR job positions is now available here.

03/02/2017: In SPOTLIGHT, 15 Early Stage Researchers will be hired and trained, each one focusing on an individual project as shown in here.All job positions are listed in the EURAXESS platform here.

01/02/2017: The SPOTLIGHT project started in 1/1/2017. University of Athens (UOA) is the coordinator of the consortium including Ericsson, NEC, Iquadrat, Nessos, MTN Cyprus Ltd, Open University of Catalonia, EURECOM, Politecnico di Milano, University of York and University of Athens.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 722788.