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The SPOTLIGHT approach

The research activities will be articulated in four inter-linked research-oriented WPs that exhibit one-to-one mapping with the four research pillars of the SPOTLIGHT research programme as described earlier (Table 1.1b). The work plan of the Network will further include the Training (WP5), the Management (WP6) and the Dissemination, Communication and Public Engagement Activities (WP7) WPs. WP4 will serve as an umbrella for the rest of the research WPs (i.e., WP1-3) to better comprehend and study practical implications of the proposed technologies and solutions in view of popular content delivery. Besides, the three main phases of the research methodology described above will be integrated in the WPs in the form of tasks, project milestones, and intermediate deliverables.

WP1: Novel Radio Access Network Technologies
WP1 will develop disruptive new technologies for the 5G and Beyond RAN, enabling uncoordinated UL terminal transmissions in conjunction with concurrent DL traffic delivery by the massively distributed MIMO antennas at the network edge. Integrating knowledge of the network layout and exploiting the high correlation of UL data streams will also be looked to provide innovative techniques for ultra-reliable data compression and 3D beamforming in the mmWave band.

WP2: Cloud-empowered Network Core Technologies
WP2 leverages massive parallelism (built on cloud computing and big data analysis at the network edge) to revolutionize all steps of the DSP chain and centrally optimize RRM and mobility management over large areas. Optimizing the mobile traffic fan-out by adopting a distributed deployment and tailored configuration of a plain IP core network data-plane are within scope where architectural design and functional specification of the core network elements will take place.

WP3: Network Management Platforms and Solutions
WP3 devise edge computing and big data analysis to show how the currently loosely-interconnected and massively distributed energy, radio, computing, and storage resources at the network edge can be effectively coupled to support resource-elastic and fault-tolerant management of the SPOTLIGHT resources and main architectural components.

WP4: Popular Content Delivery Optimizations
WP4 will provide an in-depth understanding of how popular content placement and delivery at the network edge enhances network responsiveness and playback experience. The development of a meaningful scenario framework and analytical frameworks specific to the SPOTLIGHT mobile data network are within scope of this WP, which will shed more light on platform integration, optimization of technologies, hardware limitations and interoperability-energy-privacy issues.

WP5: Training
The main objective of this WP is to prepare and organize the training tools and events of the Network. The required remote based tolls and all training courses will be organized as well.

WP6: Project Management
The objectives of WP6 are the management and the monitorization of the overall performance of the project.

WP7: Dissemination, Communication and Public Engagement Activities
The objective of WP7 is to provide a framework for disseminating and communivating the achievements of the project.