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Dissemination Activities

Dissemination activities in SPOTLIGHT includes the development of dissemination material (newsletters, video clips, etc.), the creation of a website, the participation in conferences and workshops, the publication of scientific papers in journals and conferences, the participation in standardization activities, the organization of workshops and dissemination days, the distribution of multimedia material, the interaction with broader communities and initiatives, and various outreach activities.

27/02/2020: ESRGeorge Datseris had the opportunity to represent the SPOTLIGHT at Coommtment2i in Oslo Norway, and presented his work on “Synergies of 5G networks with big data analytics and cloud computing: a stochastic approach “.

09-13/12/2019 : ESR Michalis Eliedorou presented his work on "User Association Coalition Games with Zero-Forcing Beamforming and NOMA" at IEEE Globecom, held at Hawaii.

05/11/2019: ESR Michalis Eliedorou attended the 11th IEEE INFOCOM Cyprus conference, held in Cyprus.

03-07/11/2019 : Placido Mursia attended the IEEE International Conference on ASILOMAR Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers. The event was held at Pacific Grove, California, USA. On the event, he attended various talks and presented his paper, entitled as “D2D-Aided MultiAntenna Multicasting in a Dense Network”

29/09/2019: ESr Armin participated in the EU research night, held at Politecnico di Milano

29/09/2019: ESr Ioannis Sagariannis participated in the EU research night, held at Barcelona

26/09/2019: Sumaila Mahama and Shami F. Islam, both from UoY, attended the CW TEC 2019–5G Satellite and Magic MIMO Conference, held at University of Cambridge

11-13/09/2019 : Armin Okić participated on IEEE, WMNC conference held in Paris, France. On the event, he presented his paper entitled as ‘Forecasting Mobile Cellular Traffic Sampled in Different Frequencies

01/03/2019: ESRs Tadege M. Ayenew and Subin Narayanan gave a poster presentation on the eve of UOA open day.

25-28/02/2019: ESRs Yiannis Sarrigiannis attended the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, February 25-28, 2019.

22/02/2019: ESRs ESR Armin Okic and Bin Xiang gave presentation during the 5G Seminar conducted at Politecnico di Milano.

04-06/12/2018: ESR Armin Okic attended 5G PhD International School, at the National Research Council (CNR) of Italy.

23/11/2018: ESR Armin Okic attended attended the 4th MST-2018 Workshop on Mobile System Technologies at his host institute PDM.

20/10/2018: ESRs Yiannis Sarrigiannis, Santiago Sánchez Correa, and Behnam Paşa presented their work at IoT Solutions World Congress,Barcelona, October 16-18, 2018

01/10/2018: ESR Tadege M. Ayenew participated in Eurpean reseacher's night held at Athens, 28th of September,2018.

09-20/07/2018: The ESR Michalis attended a course organized by Huawei Cyprus, on "The Huawei Latest Technology and 5G Introduction Training" at MTN Cyprus from 9th-20th July, 2018.

09/07/2018: ESRs Subin and Tadege attended a presentation by Prof. Jae Hong LEE, at Athens University. The guest delivered a speech on "Cognitive Radio for Wireless Communications: Concepts and Applications", based on the research results in his laboratory, at Seoul National University of Korea.

07/06/2018: ESR Armin participated in a Science Unveiling Programme where he made public talk and presented his current work on the specific application of machine learning.

07/06/2018: ESR Placido attended a talk by Wing-Kin (Ken)Ma "MIMO transceiver design and optimization: beyond beamforming and perfect channel estimation".

03-06/06/2018: ESRs Shammi and Sumaila attended the IEEE 87th VTC2018-Spring, in Porto, Portugal. It is a semi-annual flagship conference on Vehicular Technology, where Mr. Sumaila was co-author of a paper from his previous work.

29/05/2018: ESR Placido On 29th May, 2018, Mr. Placido attended a talk by Zdenek Becvar about "Flying base stations in future mobile networks" at his hosting company EURECOM.

23/05/2018: ESRs Shammi and Sumaila attended the IET Colloquium on Antennas, Wireless and Electromagnetics, at Engineers House, Bristol.

14/05/2018: ESRs Shammi and Sumaila attended IEEE 5G Summit held at Glasgow, Scotland.

05/05/2018: ESr Armin has attended a CommTech Talk on "Marine Automation 4.0".


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The 1st Workshop of the project will be organized in the context of the 23rd International Workshop on Computer-Aided Modeling Analysis and Design of Communication Links and Networks - IEEE CAMAD 2018. A special session on Communications and Information Processing in 5G and Beyond Data Networks will be organized by SPOTLIGHT. Please check Technical program list for more information.


Journal papers

T.M. Ayenew, D. Xenakis, N. Passas, L. MerakosA Novel Content Placement Strategy for Heterogeneous CellularNetwork with Small CellsIEEE Network letters September 2019
Sarrigiannis, E. Kartsakli, K. Ramantas, A. Antonopoulos, C. Verikoukis Online VNF Lifecycle management in a MEC Enabled 5G IoT Architecture IEEE IoT September 2018

Conference papers

Author(s)TitleConference NamePlaceDates
S. Narayanan, D. Tsolkas, N. Passas, L. MerakosNB-IoT: A Candidate Technology for Massive IoT in the 5G EraIEEE CAMADBarcelona, Spain17-19 September 2018
T.M. Ayenew, D. Xenakis, N. Passas, L. MerakosDynamic Programming Based Content Placement Strategy for 5G and Beyond Cellular NetworksIEEE CAMADBarcelona, Spain17-19 September 2018
Fattore U., Giust F., Liebsch M.‘5GC+: an Experimental Proof of a Programmable Mobile Core for 5GIEEE CAMADBarcelona, Spain17-19 September 2018
Sarrigiannis, E. Kartsakli, K. Ramantas, A. Antonopoulos, C. VerikoukisApplication and Network VNF migration in a MEC-enabled 5G ArchitectureIEEE CAMADBarcelona, Spain17-19 September 2018
P. Mursia, I. Atzeni, D. Gesbert, and L. CottatellucciOn the performance of Covariance Shaping in Massive MIMO systemsIEEE CAMADBarcelona, Spain17-19 September 2018
P. Mursia, I. Atzeni, D. Gesbert, and L. CottatellucciCovariance shaping for massive MIMO systems IEEE Global Commun. Conf. (GLOBECOM) Abu Dhabi, UAE Dec. 2018
P. Mursia, I. Atzeni, D. Gesbert, and M. KobayashiD2D-Aided Multi-Antenna Multicasting IEEE ICC Shangai, China April. 2019
S. Mahama, Y. J. Harbi, Alister G. Burr, and David GraceIterative Interference Cancellation in FBMC-QAM Systems IEEE WCNC Marrakech, Morocco April. 2019
Bin Xiang, Jocelyne Elias, Fabio Martignon, Elisabetta Di NittoJoint Network Slicing and Mobile Edge Computing in 5G Networks IEEE ICC Shangai, China April. 2019
Armin Okic, Alessandro E. C. Redondi, and Francesco Foglia, Luisa Venturini and Iacopo GalimbertiAnalyzing Different Mobile Applications in Time and Space: a City-Wide Scenario IEEE WCNC Marrakech, Morocco April. 2019
Behnam Ojaghi, Ferran Adelantado, Elli Kartsakli, Angelos Antonopoulos, Christos VerikoukisSliced-RAN: Joint Slicing and Functional Split in Future 5G Radio Access Networks IEEE ICC Shangai, China April. 2019
Armin Okic, Alessandro E. C. Redondi Forecasting Mobile Cellular Traffic Sampled at Different Frequencies IEEE WMNC Paris, France September 2019
M. Eliodorou, C. Psomas, I. Krikidis, and S. Socratous “User Association Coalition Games with Zero-Forcing Beamforming and NOMA IEEE SPAWC Cannes, France July, 2019
M. Eliodorou, C. Psomas, I. Krikidis, and S. Socratous “Energy Efficiency for MEC Offloading with NOMA through Coalitional Games IEEE Globecom Hawaii, USA December 2019
Subin Narayanan, Dimitris Tsolkas, Nikos Passas, Lazaros Merakos Performance Analysis of NBIoT Random Access Channel’ IEEE IMCL Thessaloniki, Greece November, 2019
Pedro Batista, Shah Nawaz Khan, Peter Öhlén, Aldebaro Klautau Tenant-Aware Slice Admission Control using Neural Networks-Based Policy Agent CROWNCOM Poznan, Poland June, 2019
Sumaila Mahama, Yahya J. Harbi, Alister G. Burr, David Grace A Non-orthogonal Waveform Design with Iterative Detection and Decoding for Narrowband IoT Applications IEEE EuCNC Valencia, Spain June. 2019
P. Mursia, I. Atzeni, M. Kobayashi and D. GesbertD2 Aided Multi-antenna Multicasting in a Dense Network IEEE ASILOMAR Pacific Grove, USA November 2019

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